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Want important news and updates on projects by Noel Arthur Heimpel, including the Numinous Tarot, The Thread That Binds, and the Threadbound Oracle?

This mailing list will send you important notifications regarding Noel's projects, including the availability of the Numinous Tarot. Sign up to ensure you're the first to know when and where decks can be purchased, as well as to receive info about shop closures, special sales, or new related products.

Noel's online webshop is temporarily closed for the month of October 2019. An email will be sent out when it reopens and decks are available there again. You can also check the list of retailers here who may carry the Numinous Tarot.

This mailing list will also let you know of exciting updates regarding new projects, such as the Threadbound Oracle deck and its upcoming companion novel (formerly a webcomic), The Thread That Binds. Emails will be sent 2-3 times a month at the very most, never spammed, and your information will never be shared with others.

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